Groovy Poetry Night: Poetry 2003

Anarchy Online in-game events hosted by Whisper’s Edge.

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  1. "Parts and Pieces" by Skaat
  2. DO YOU? By Soulembrace
  3. "man i'm glad i'm a man" by Azzors
  4. By Maiyin
  5. "My friends" by Bashertarr (accompanied by Pinch)
  6. A STRIKING STORM by Flameforge
  7. Rewritten and adapted by Cogs
  8. By Kalannar
  9. Harmless by Infatuated
  10. Fear by Infatuated
  11. THE BALLAD OF RICKETY TICKETY TIN performed by Virtualitea
  12. Haiku by Albanis
  13. Kept by Albanis
  14. By Damelydia
  15. "Lust" by Adriia
  16. "Next Move" performed by Soulembrace
  17. Beer, beer, beer, bubbly beer, beer, beer! by Corvain
  18. "War Child" by Anathema6
  19. Short poem #1 by Kalannar
  20. Short poem #2 by Kalannar
  21. Short poem #3 by Kalannar
  22. By Bloodgeist
  23. "Wild World" edited and rewritten by Foxferal
  24. BLOTCHES OF ORANGE recited by Nashka

"Parts and Pieces"

By Skaat

Two clusters adorn my Bright Eye.
A shining slot awaits, gaping.
The warm night, pale moon rising obscured
on the jagged horizon of Athen Shire.

Snippets of liveliness,
sipping an ounce of the Cup.
Our team sectioning Belial,
harvesting and hopeful.

A Fragment of a Soul becomes mine to keep.
A teasing sliver of something more.
Glimpses of my find excite my fellow seekers;
Warm smiles and congratulations.

The fullness of their pleasure for me
rends the impressions of parts and pieces:
I can be whole,
I have it all.


By Soulembrace

It comes on softly....
But the sound is getting louder
Stronger................. every minute.
In your friends emotions
Before noticing it in yourself
One day your friend 
Tells you something
You thought you would Never hear..
Sitting stunned at the words
You become scared
Of what could happen......
But as fast as fear overcomes you
You calm down
You give your friend a reply......
To the question he has asked....
I do love you

"man i'm glad i'm a man"

By Azzors

don't pluck my eyebrows just to draw them back on
don't wax my pubes so i can wear shorts... i use my turn signals and understand sports

Man, i'm glad i'm a man
tell you the reason i am

i don't go through a phase every 28 days
Man, i'm glad i'm a man
I pay cash at the grocery, no check or coupons
don't take alot of freinds when i go to the john

i don't throw a fit when i break a nail
i don't buy shoes just because they are on sale
i don't apply makeup in my rear-view mirror
i don't think of bambi when i'm out hunting dear

i drink beer from a bottle not from a glass
i don't ask my friends about the size of my ass
Man, i'm glad i'm a man
tell you the reason i am

i don't face the pain of water weight gain
man i'm glad i'm a man

let me you ladies
listen to me ladies
i love your pretty faces
your warm and soft embraces
i love those things inside your blouse
but if i had my own, i'd never leave the house

i don't spend two hours getting ready for a date 
i don't play with doll unless they inflate
after sex in bed my spots always dry
when i'm asked my age i don't lie

i don't read about ograsims in Vogue magazine
i don't mind if my dates tries to get in my jeans
i don't spend a fortune on french lingerie 
this is the same underwear i wore yesterday

man i'm glad i'm a man
tell you the reason i am

i don't take a pill, i don't use massengill
man i'm glad i'm a man

man i'm glad i'm a man
tell you the reason i am

i find micheal bolton completely revoltin' 
man i'm glad i'm a man!

By Maiyin

Silent night of reminescence
Crying tears of despair
Memory of a lost presence
Soft wind in the hair

Long lasting love
Forever away from reach
Looking at the moons above
Hoping to fill the breach

Spirit of vengeance flaring
Visions of a familiar face
Anger and fury blazing
All for a forgotten embrace

Racing in the forest
Searching for needed redemption
Guided by rage and unrest
Only feeding the depression

Fleeing out until exhaustion
Souvenirs from a previous existence
On a quest for a distraction
To escape this night of reminescence

"My friends"

By Bashertarr (accompanied by Pinch)

So you know the value of CAS,
That finding GA is a godsend,
But what I wonder really,
Is how much you value a friend.

Cushions, Faithfuls,
GoP's and PoP's,
X-3's kick butt,
The Yalmaha rocks!
But what I really don't understand,
Is how,
To price,
A friend...

Let us imagine, if we may,
That suddenly, one merry day,
General shops start... to sell friends!
They'd come in all classes and breeds,
Atroxes, Opis, Agents, MP's!
Just one click away, tempting and sweet,
A new friend for you to meet.

Cushions, Faithfuls,
GoP's and PoP's,
X-3's kick butt,
The Yalmaha rocks!
But what I really don't understand,
Is how,
To price,
A friend...

How much would you pay for one?
A million? A billion? Some greater sum?
Would you go for the highest QL?
Or would you search around the world,
Shops and bazaars in all neigbourhoods,
Would you go through a personal hell...
To find the cheapest QL?

Cushions, Faithfuls,
GoP's and PoP's,
X-3's kick butt,
The Yalmaha rocks!

Caterwauls, Div's,
Hellspinners and furies,
Enhanced Queen Blades,
NCU's and flurries,
Take them all and sell them together,
To some rich guy, a real big spender,
And sadly you'll notice that, in your new wealth,
You still can't afford that new friend from the seller!!

Cushions, Faithfuls,
GoP's and PoP's,
X-3's kick butt,
The Yalmaha rocks!

But none of them are worth half as much
As that one special person that has earned your trust
That one soul that, you understand
You have the pleasure of calling your FRIEND!

Cushions, Faithfuls,
GoP's and PoP's,
X-3's kick butt,
The Yalmaha rocks!

But none of them are half as grand
As having someone you can call your FRIEND
That special one
That you call your friend!!


By Flameforge

Sand: it surrounds me.
The violent winds cast the desert floor into the sky.
I am a whisper in the sand.
I am one with the storm.

Storm: we move as one.
Ground under my paws, limbs rush my feline form forward.
Claws extended.
I smell the prey.

Sentry: he sees me,
a speeding blur coalescing from the storm-blown sand.
His shots burn me.
Vengeance masks the pain.

Strike: I leap.
He is crushed to the ground, neck clamped in jaws.
Spatters of crimzon.
The prey becomes still.

Score: it is settled.
Vow fulfilled, body left to the elements, I depart.
The sands consume me.
I am one with the storm.

Originally written by Obstfelder, rewritten and adapted by Cogs

Wind, storm and hurricane
Naked will I bathe in your woosh!
Hey...See my white arms
See my naked limbs exposed, hey!
Play with my body, oh hurricane!
Unfold the broad wings of my soul
See how it fathoms the world!
and see how I tremble inside
Hurricane Hurricane!
I am naked!
Like you, I throw myself into the swaying grass
My arms extend to embrace space
Outer space!
Come! Let us play
Let us crash into the ocean
Come spinning leaves
Come raven, shark and sea!
Come raging clouds
We dance, we dance
You and I....

By Kalannar

Do not fuel us with your stories of loss and your tales of woe,
Whilst the reaper lay in wait upon our doorsteps.

We HAVE heard the scream of the nova,
And the shattering whine of the nine,
As the flashpoint ignights the landscape.

Our bodies course with the blood of the source,
Bringing with it life and horrible repeating death.

Like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes,
WE again stand against the storm as it rages over us, 
Unaware of our presence.

Heal us NOT, with thy comforting words,
Strewn across this ever-changing form enhanced with strength,
Offering no shield or barrier against the elements.

Rising and falling upon the beating chest,
Exist the cruel machinations of pain and suffering, 
Hidden behind the thin veil of peaceful intent.

STAY thy conjurations of blissful calm,
As worlds fall upon deaf ears,
Muted by the rage forced out from within.

Fear well the realm in which YOU dwell,
Surrounded by shadowy forms striking at your existence,
Hell-bent on wrangling your soul.

Summon us NOT!
Lest upon our arrival the chariots of doom
Bringeth the harbingers of evil,
The wraiths of oblivion.
And the gloom of war.


By Infatuated

Two souls stand, staring at one another
Till the end of time, One will fight the other.
From kneeling on the ground, to swords drawn high
Their weapons are swung, till one of them dies.
The girl with her hatred, the boy with his heart
Its an unfair battle, till death do they part.
The weapons are swung, and the tear drops fall
Until that day, when love conquers all.
There comes a time when they look at each other
Then they realize they are made for one another.
A dagger is held, by her palm and soul
To finish the battle
To finish his soul.
He holds her in his arms, and she lunges with her might.
As he screams for help....
She finishes the fight.


By Infatuated

A child with the lights off rests in his bed
Scared to the teeth, afraid to open his eyes.
Do little monsters hide underneath his head?
Or is it his curiosity that may lead to his demise?

The child realizes, he must be a man
He overcomes his fear and looks under the bed,
He screams at what looks like a hand,
But its his imagination, which almost scared him dead.

Fear is a sickness, that scares us all..
Shying away from the uknown things
Weakens your heart, and peirces your skull
The bitter feelings from which every life hangs.

Contentment in life, understood by few,
Fear is the truth, talking back to you.


By Tom Lehrer, performed by Virtualitea

About a maid I'll recite a poem, oh rickety tickety tin 
About a maid I'll recite a poem, who did not have her family long... 
Not only did she do them wrong,  she did every one of them in, them in, 
She did every one of them in.

One morning in a fit of pique, oh rickety tickety tin
One morning in a fit of pique, she drowned her father in the creek.
The water tasted bad for a week, so we had to make do with gin, with gin,
We had to make do with gin

Her mother she could never stand, oh rickety tickety tin
Her mother she could never stand and so a cyanide soup she planned.
Her mother died with the spoon in her hand and her face in a hideous grin, a grin
Her face in a hideous grin.

She weighted her brother down with stones, oh rickety tickety tin
She weighted her brother down with stones and sent him off to Davey Jones.
All they ever found were some bones.... and occasional pieces of skin, of skin
Occasional pieces of skin.

She set her sister's hair on fire, oh rickety tickety tin
She set her sister's hair on fire and as the smoke and flame rose higher
Danced around the funeral pyre playing a violin, olin
Playing a violin.

One day she had nothing to do, oh rickety tickety tin
One day she had nothing to do, she sliced her baby brother in two
And served him up as an Irish stew and invited the neighbors in, bors in
Invited the neighbors in.

And when at last the police came by, oh rickety tickety tin
And when at last the police came by, her little pranks she did not deny
For to do so she would have had to lie...and lying she knew was a sin, a sin
And lying she knew was a sin.

My tragic tale I won't prolong, oh rickety tickety tin
My tragic tale I won't prolong. I hope you like my little song.
You've yourself to blame if it's too long. You should never have let me begin, begin
You should never have let me begin.


By Albanis

Paraded in chains.
Brutaly beaten and scathed.
I will wait for you.


By Albanis

This poem is called .
They're hurting me, my love.
They won't set me free with death,
They understand that only you can have that power over me.
The strength that I can trust.
They're not really hurting me ...
Not while I wait for you.

By Damelydia

Pleine de rebondissement                 full of ribond
Ou encore d'inattendue                     or of unexpected
Elle sais nous surprendre                  she know surprise us
Soyons en avisé                                 we be sure

Qu'on la prenne calmement                what we take her smootely
Ou qu'on la crois perdue                     or what we belive her lost
Elle vient nous éprendre                     she come take us
De ses revers serrée                           of she's tide reverse

On est sure de nos sentiments            we is sure of our sentiment
Confiant du chemin parcouru               trush of road back
Comme une marée éferlante               same a big wave 
Nos coeurs elle vient chavirée             my heart she's retourn
Nous ne sessions d'y pensés                 we dont stop he thinking

Que peut-on contre notre sang              what we can contrarie our blood
Contre ceux d'on nous sommes issues      contrarie peaples we come from
Point de pensée plus terrifiante              dont have must scary think
Qu'une fin prématurée                            too shortly end

Et malgré nos serments                           with ous oats
Pour les quels on a vécue                     for ther we life
Elle leurs fait prendre la tangente           she's ther take going
Se dressant, pleine d'adversité               standup full adversity

Me laissera-t-elle le temps                       she give me the time
Avant son issue                                       before the end
de pouvoir me rendre                                i can arrive


By Adriia

Adrenaline pumping,
through the veins that bring me life.
Heart thumping,
as our bodies touch.
Lips that pierce me,
down to my very soul.
Struggling to break free,
from this eternal embrace.
The night goes on,
as if it were to never end.
finally approaches.
This is not a threat,
for we know time is on our side.
Has our love been set,
or is this what they call lust?

"Next Move"

By Nadine Pierre-Louis, performed by Soulembrace

The world is a game with pieces to move.
Roll the dice
A path is chosen.
Move ahead.
The board is comprised of many stops
Round you go to begin your life.
All come in order.
Snake eyes!!!!!
Back two spaces!
Take a chance as you play the game.
Up ahead.....
Physical ailment.
Your parents play, although far ahead
They play the game,
They live,
they die ........
A continuing struggle.....
Lose a trun!
The cycle continues
Hate.............dangerous curves!!!
Wrong move!
You loose.........
His turn is next.
Throw the dice...........

Beer, beer, beer, bubbly beer, beer, beer!

By Corvain

A long time ago way back in history,
when all their was to drink was nothing but cups of tea,
Along came a man by the name of Charlie Mopps
and he invented a wonderful drink and he made it out of hops!

He must've been an Admiral a Sultan or a King,
And to his praises we shall always sing!
Look what he has done for us he's filled us up with cheer,
The lord bless Charlie Mopps, the man who invented

Beer, beer beer beer, bubbly beer beer beer!
The Courages bar, the James's pub, the Hole in the Wall as well!
One thing you can be sure of it's Charlie's Beer they sell!
So all ya lads and lasses at 11 0'clock ya stop!
For five short seconds remember Charlie Mopps!

He must've been an Admiral a Sultan or a King,
And to his praises we shall always sing!
Look what he has done for us he's filled us up with cheer,
The lord bless Charlie Mopps, the man who invented

Beer, beer beer beer, bubbly beer beer beer!
A barrel of malt, a bushel of hops, ya stir it around with a stick
The kind of lubrication to make your engines tick!
Forty pints of whollop a day will keep away the Quacks,
If only you can say penny and one and six and packs!

He must've been an Admiral a Sultan or a King,
And to his praises we shall always sing!
Look what he has done for us he's filled us up with cheer,
The lord bless Charlie Mopps, the man who invented

Beer, beer beer beer, bubbly beer beer beer!
The lord bless Charlie Mopps!

"War Child"

By Anathema6

It's not for the war child
This child who was raised in a time of war
Who is the evil, yet it is only men that make him evil
Men that conquer men that control will turn this child into a story untold
Untold stroies are never told or never written in bold
just left to settle in the cold
This child born, born to be free
but yet just to be shut down by his own breed
Many children make their ways but this child knows only one way
No way to leave just ways to grieve
to deceive grief is to have no belief that children of war could be so poor...

Short poem #1

By Kalannar

Its stature demands attention
Sneaking 'round your legs and feet
never knowing its intention

Hide away, hide away
never to be seen
the true form hidden closely
to discover you must be keen

Demand is high
the need is great
its everywhere you see
yet slipping away from your grasp
its form is always free

Have you guessed this little form
carefree, spirited, and sweet
Loved by all
Cuddled and cute....
Of course, the Mighty Leet.

Short poem #2

By Kalannar

Through darkend dale
and shadowed vale
the form slips slowly past.
Its eyes burn red
theres prey ahead
perhaps a meal at last

The bait is set
the trap is laid
in silence it waits to strike
lunging from it blackened lair
no prisoners are taken this night

Tooth and nail
bathed in blood
to sate the hungry beast
As flesh grows cold
it feeds its need
and finishes the feast

Moving on, its hunger filled
the beast lets out a howl
Beware the night
Its cold hard bite
and the Wolf thats on the prowl.

Short poem #3

By Kalannar

I am the Multi-Coloured, Jewel Faceted Doppleganger,
that resides in the pixelated highways of digital traffic.

You dont know me
I am the Shadowy Persona of Illusion
that slips in past the defences to invade
your sleeping mind's eye.

You dont know me
I am the Silver Tongued Virus of Bits and Bytes,
ever vigilant upon the doorstep of your heartdrive.

You dont know me
I am the Knight in Shining Megabytes,
dedicated to your very whims of crystalized emotion.

You dont know me
I am a Ghost of Reality,
used for hiding a broken mainframe
and the failed reboot of the soul.

You dont know me

By Bloodgeist

Our conversation nestled itself in the comforting notion that you and I
    were paying attention to one another...
it was wrong!
Stories.. swapped like spittle between us .. and BETWEEN US grew distance..
    but in less space
Emotions, cloaked with words that choaked and devoured eitological thought and realism.. 
Became what were our thoughts.. and were now just words
Talking never seemed to be such a CHORE until I sat.. and listened.. and you spoke
And you didn't even hear yourself.
A void of reality spawned as you so eloquently said NOTHING!!
and you use so many words to do it
Speech, is but broken light upon the depth of the unspoken.

"Wild World"

By Joakim Thåström, edited and rewritten by Foxferal

As the icecold wind comes and sweeps through the land
There's a whisper that grows to a scream
From the plains where life is a fraction of time
Comes the call of the crawl from the wild

As the frontier was made for steel towns and roads
They were scattered and thrown to the wind
And they gathered again in the deep of the woods
On a hungry hunt for revenge

The tribe of the fox that was wiped has now stamped up again
They'll come raging through cities and towns
When the hunger keeps burning in the hours through the night
Tell me then which side are you on?

I hear you howlin'
I hear you howlin'
I can hear you howl in the night
The hunger of the wild world
Will never let you down...


By Shaun "Prawnie" Choudhury - Febuary 1994., recited by Nashka

Blotches of orange through a speckled view of glass,
Just the same view that haunts my every day.
Nothing else to See
But I watch.
Nothing to do
But still I move.
Blotches of orange
I see every day.
Sky that looks the same
Rain speckles off puddles neon lights expose,
Nothing to Life
Just blotches of orange through a speckled view of glass.

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